The Atmel AVR JTAGICE MkII is a mid-range development tool for use with 8 and 32 bit AVR devices with On Chip Bug capability. It is used for source level symbolic debugging and device programming.

Our TC2050-IDC is the solution you need!

If you order it from us, we can fit it for you.

Check out the data sheets:


Depending on your PCB needs, it will determine which cable you need, which you can purchase from us.

Here is the "LEGGED" version:

TC2050-IDC 10-pin "Legged" Tag-Connect Cable with Ribbon Connecter

And the "NO-LEG" version which you can purchase together or separately:

TC2050-IDC-NL 10-pin "No-Legs" Tag-Connect Cable with Ribbon Connecter
TC2050-CLIP Retaining clip board for use with TC2050-NL family