Tag Connect Downloads

Decal Libraries for Common Layout CAD Packages

We are building a library of downloadable decals for the main software packages. Check below to see if we have yours yet - and if we do, simply download the Decal library from the link below ready for use with your software.

Supported CAD Packages

> Altium, Cadence, CADSTAR 9, Diptrace, EAGLE, Easy-PC, FreePCB, gEDA

> KiCAD, Labcenter Proteus, OrCAD, Pad2Pad,  Mentor Graphics PADS,

> PCAD, Protel, Proteus, Sprint, TangoPro, Target3001, Traxmaker, Ultiboard,

> Vutrax

To download the Decal Library

  1. Read the disclaimer below. If you agree with its terms right click on the 'Download' button.
  2. Select 'Save Target As' (Internet Explorer), or 'Save Link As' (Firefox), select an appropriate location on your hard disk to store the library, and click 'OK'.
  3. Go to the location in which you stored the Decal library, click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to extract the files.
  4. Open the 'Readme' file for further details. You may also need to refer to your CAD documentation.


The Zip file you are about to download is provided for your convenience and contains decals and footprint files obtained from multiple sources.

These files are provided 'AS IS' and with no guarantee that they are complete, free from errors or suitable for use.

Carefully check the imported decals against the latest datasheet provided on the Tag-Connect website (see below). In particular pay check hole sizes, pin numbering, and pay close attention to the solder paste-mask layer to ensure no solder paste is deposited on the footprint pads.

Please review your layout against the common mistakes shown in the datasheet!

By downloading and using the following files the user agrees to take full responsibility for checking the accuracy and suitability of the imported footprint.

Get a Free tag-Connect Cable for New Decals

If you create a decal for a software package not yet in our library, send it to us. We'll check it over and send you a coupon code for a FREE TAG-CONNECT CABLE! See Free Cable. You'll also be benefiting the entire community of Tag-Connect users! To take advantage of this offer we need a full set of test gerbers including the solder paste-mask (solder stencil) layer (which should show no holes over the contact pads).

Footprint Design Drawings


Tag-Connect TC2030-MCP

Tag-Connect TC2030-MCP-NL