FTDI USB to TC2030 Serial Cables, and Real-Time Current Monitor with USB covering 6 decades of current range.

Did you know we sell FTDI FT232 USB to Serial Cables fitted with TC2030 Plug-of-Nails TM Connectors?

These are ideal for factory calibration, configuration and calibration type uses, or anywhere you want an extra serial interface for debugging. Needing a PCB footprint about the size of an 0805 resistor, the No Legs versions are perfect for saving on a large physical serial debug/configuration connector.

See http://www.tag-connect.com/TC2030-FTDI for more detail.

Also, we have some very handy DevTools such as the EE203 Real-Time Current Monitor which covers 6 decades of current measurement (from 1uA to 1A) and has a USB output. Fantastic for debugging and visually seeing the low power modes of your MCU (have you left an input floating or a clock running when it should be turned off). This device has been flying off the shelves - more stock expected today. http://www.tag-connect.com/ee203