Did you know....? Some of the many places Tag-Connectors are used

Over the last several years Tag-Connector’s products have become widely adopted and established throughout the electronics industry.

You may not realize it, but chances are you have more than a few products (consumer or otherwise) close by, in your home, office or even on your person that incorporate our footprints or were developed using Tag-Connect cables.

Tag-Connect is the de-facto programming connection of choice for BLE Beacons and IoT devices. You'll see our tiny 0805 sized JTAG footprints on BLE Beacons and modules from companies like Nordic Semiconductor, EM Microelectronic and others and on IoT and other devboards and reference designs from companies like TI and Atmel. If you have a coffee machine or vending machine in your office that grinds beans and makes lattes, chances are it uses our footprints. If you have a blender that you saw making hot soup at Costco, it probably was programmed using our connector.

Tag-Connect customers include pretty well all of the major electronics and consumer product companies such as Apple, Google, Oracle, Dell, Microsoft, Logitech, FitBit to name but a few, and most of the major appliance companies such as Whirlpool, Electrolux, Miele, Bosch, Honeywell, etc. A famous VOIP phone system provider told us that every $33 Tag-Connect cable they purchase saves them hundreds of thousands of dollars in traditional connectors. You'll find our connectors in satellites, in medical devices, in smart locks and keyless entry systems, in garage door openers, and in sewing machines. And you may be surprised to find you already own eval boards and dev-kits with our tiny footprints onboard such as TI Cortex M4 and IoT LaunchPads, Atmel SAMS4XPLAINED, Nordic BLE devkits, and various others. Tag-Connect cables are not only Designed in California, they are Made in California by us! (Of course, some of the parts we use are made elsewhere).

Every cable we sell has been fully assembled, tested and inspected before it ships. Every order we ship is checked carefully for completeness and accuracy by two inspectors. We know the very last thing you need to waste your valuable time is a flakey devtool so we go out of our way to ensure that every product you receive from us will be dependable. Furthermore we truly value each and every one of our customers, big or small. We aim to give you service, quality and functionality that will delight you. Tag-Connect - No Header! No Brainer!