EE701 Differential Preamplifier

ee701 Differential Scope Preamplifier ee701 10uV Square Wave, 25Hz, x1000 ee701 Differential Scope Preamplifier Typical Setup

EE-701 Differential Preamplifier

The ee701 is a true differential preamplifier that extends the input sensitivity of any oscilloscope up to 1000x. The wide input common mode accepts signals in the range of ±10V while a selectable cutoff frequency limits wideband noise from obscuring the signal of interest.

• Enhances the input sensitivity of any oscilloscope
• True differential inputs
• Selectable gains of 1, 10, 100, & 1000
• Selectable noise filter cutoff of 10 Hz, 1 KHz, 100 KHz, and 1 MHz
• CMRR > 100 dB DC to 10 KHz
• Useable to 1 MHz
• Accurately measure microvolt-level signals
• Affordable for any lab

Easy to Use
Connect the oscilloscope probes to the ee701.Do not select x10 on the probes except at low amplification – any mismatches in the probes will be amplified which will distort the measurement accuracy. Select AC or DC input coupling and the desired amplification. Set the low pass filter to the lowest frequency that will allow the signal of interest to pass. This will minimize the wide-band noise in the system.

Use the null control to set the DC zero level or AC midpoint level. For repetitive signals the scope averaging function can be used to dramatically reduce any residual wide-band noise from the trace.

The frequency response is flat from DC to 100 KHz at gains of 1, 10, and 100. At a gain of 1000 the gain may be as much as 15% high before rolling off when reaching its maximum bandwidth of about 900 KHz.


Included in the box: ee701 Differential Preamplifier, AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz to 5V 1A USB power supply with 2-prong USA style plug, USB power cable.

Not included: Scope and scope probes!


Price: $395.00