SPY‐BI‐TAG: MSP430 SPY‐BI‐WIRE to TC2030‐MCP Adapter Board

SPY-BI-TAGThe “SPY‐BI‐TAG” TC2030‐MCP to SPY‐BI‐WIRE adapter board which allows use of our Tag‐Connect TC2030‐MCP series Plug‐of‐Nails™ cables with later versions of TI’s MSP430 MCU that support the SPY‐BI‐WIRE (2‐Wire) JTAG interface.  

TI MSP‐FETU430 shown with SPY‐BI‐TAG adapter board and TC2030‐MCP‐NL (no legs) cable – also works with TC2030‐MCP legged version cable. When your board real‐estate is at a premium, Tag‐Connect is the way to go!

Download the Datasheet here.

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Price: $29.00

R1 is needed unless you have the 330 Ohm fuse blow protection resistor on your target PCB