Tag-Connect Products Continue to Win Mainstream Industry Acceptance

Ever since the launch of our first products Tag-Connect has quickly gained industry acceptance and become establish as the solution of choice when it comes to low cost / tiny footprints for programming / debugging and testing Embedded devices. Microchip quickly established Tag-Connect as a Premiere 3rd Party Tools Provider; CCS recognized the value of our products and started to sell Tag-Connect cables for use with their range of Programmers and Dev tools. Segger also brands our cables and sells them as a standard accessory for J-LINK. More recently ST Microelectronics has also endorsed Tag-Connect's patented Plug-of-Nails™ products as being a "simple reliable means of connecting ST-LINK/V2 ... to your PCB" (UM1075 User Manual). TI have also have chosen Tag-Connect's TC2050-IDC-NL cable and ARM2010 adapter as the means to program one of the ARM Cortex-M4F MCU's on their soon to be released Stellaris LaunchPad eval board. Tag-Connect... No Header – No Brainer!