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Tag-Connect anounces new adapter solution for Renesas E8A and E1 Emulators / Debuggers

Great news for Renesas MCU users, we're bringing our a new adaptor solution for the E8A and E1 Emulator / Debuggers supporting most if not all E8A and E1 compatible Renesas MCU's. Now instead of the traditional 14-pin 0.1" Header you can put a tiny Tag-Connect footprint (as small as 0.02 square inches) on your PCB and use directly with our TC2030-IDC or TC2050-IDC Plug-of-Nailstm cables.

Visit us at ESC 2011 Virtual Event

When Tag-Connect has a booth the same size as Microchip and TI you know we've really (virtually) arrived!! We'll be participating the UBM's first Virtual ESC from 8AM to 3PM PST on June 16 2011. Come visit our virtual booth and learn how to get a 33% discount on your first order!

ECN Magazine awards Tag-Connect "distinction" for Most Interesting Ground-Breaking New Products seen at ESC2011

We're honored and humbled to read in ECN magazine Jon Titus' report on the highlights of ESC 2011. Giving Tag-Connect first position in his report and featuring a color picture of our TC2030 connectors and Demo-board, Jon said "Often I find an interesting product that breaks new ground and this year Tag-Connect gets that distinction".  Read the very intersting highlights of ESC 2011 here.

New TC2050 JTAG cable (with Mini-HDMI connector) for Altium's USB JTAG cross-platform debugger

We're excited to announce availability of our newest cables, the TC2050-MINIHDMI and TC2050-NL-MINIHDMI. These cables plug into Altium's new cross-platform USB JTAG debugger which supports many devices including Altera, Xilinx, ARM, etc. Available now on our website. Email us if you live outside the USA.

New TC2030-IDC 6-pin Plug-of-Nails cables with ribbon connector!

By poular demand we now add ribbon cable versions to our TC2030 range Plug-of-Nails(tm) cables. These TC2030-IDC cables have 6-pins and a 0.1" pitch ribbon connector which supports Atmel AVR, various Zilog MCU's and others. The cables are available in 6", 10" and 36" lengths! TC2030 connectors are a great way to add test signal access to you PCB without adding cost to you PCB. Why not add our 0.02 sq inch TC2030-NL footprint to your IIC or SPI bus for easy hookup to bus analyzers?

New Products Expand our Plug-of-Nails(tm) range to cover most MCU's and JTAG devices

We've been busy and have introduced several new products which means we now cover most popular MCU's, FPGA's and have adaptors to work with popular debuggers such as Segger's J-Link debugger,TI's FET430, and Xilinx Platform Cable II. If we don't have a cable or adaptor for your device, we will gladly work with you to make a solution.


TC2050-IDC Selected as 2011 DesignNews Golden Mousetrap Best Product Finalist!

We're proud to anounce Tag-Connect has been selected as Best Product Finalist in the DesignNews Golden Mousetrap Awards of 2011! Many thanks Design News!