Charges for special services.

Will Call

Add this "product" to your order to enable Will Call as a shipping option at checkout.

Please call to confirm before visiting our office.


Lengthen Cable

This "product" helps cover the extra costs involved if you'd like us to make a longer than standard TC2030-MCP, TC2030-IDC, TC2050-IDC or TC2070-IDC family cable.

Please add one Lengthen Cable product per 20ft of cable per cable.

For example, to order three 30ft TC2030-MCP-NL cables please add three TC2030-MCP-NL products and six "Lengthen Cable" service" products to your cart.

Please tell us the length of cable you actually need in the order comments section at checkout. Note that we usually measure cable lengths as the exposed length of cable between connectors not including cable inside the connectors or strain-relief.





CA Sellers Permit on File

When this "product" is added to an order it prevents California sales tax from being added in cases where where sales tax should not apply.

We MUST have a valid CA sellers permit on file. Your order WILL NOT SHIP until we receive your valid CA Sellers Permit documentation. Please contact us on 877 244 4156 or email sales at



Shorten IDC Cable

This "product" covers the connector and labor charge if you'd like us to modify (shorten) the length of a standard TC2030-MCP, TC2030-IDC, TC2050-IDC or TC2070-IDC family cable. We will cut off the existing connector fitted at the factory and fit a new connector (of same type) to your cable and re-test the cable. Please specify your cable length requirements in the order comments at checkout.