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Non-Slip Probe Tips

Non-slip probe tips in use

Non-slip Probe Tips - An Invaluable Addition to your Toolbox 

  • Probes slide onto standard 2mm multimeter probes
  • Tungsten-Carbide tips stay exactly where positioned - without slipping off!
  • Specially machined flutes bite through oxide, dirt, even coatings
  • Easily hold two probes in one hand without slipping
  • Safe to the touch
  • One pair of slide-on tips included*

*Main multimeter leads not included.

These non-slip probe tips make probing around a tightly packed circuit board a breeze. With these non-slip multimeter tips you no-longer have to worry about your probes slipping and sliding, shorting between tracks or just not penetrating through coatings. You can easily hold both probes in one hand whilst adjusting settings with the other hand.

Non-slip probe tips with multimeter probes

The Non-Slip Adapter has excellent ability to penetrate thin coatings and oxidation. Picture “A” shows the tip probing through a layer of enamel on a piece of transformer wire. The circuit board in “B” is intended for wet environments and has a coat of epoxy to seal the connections but the probe easily penetrates the coating. Solder joints and traces that have become oxidized can be dependably probed with the non-slip adapters as shown in “C”. The silkscreen on circuit boards that covers traces and interferes with standard probes can be probed through dependably.

Non-slip probe tips in use Non-slip probe tips in use

The points have a steel shank with a tungsten carbide point that is configured as a 6 fluted inverted cone. Available in two sizes, 0.8mm tips are standard, better grip, better for biting through coatings, and fine 0.6mm tips which are better for fine pitch parts.



ClipHanger ClipHangerAsSupplied

Ever wondered what that extra plated through hole in your TC2030-CLIP or TC2050-CLIP board is for?

Don't lose track of your CLIP boards any more - hang them conveniently on our Bend-It-Yourself™ TC20X0-CLIP-HANGER.

Now available in several eye-pleasing colors, please select below...


10-pin Cortex Ribbon Cable 4" length with 50 mil connectors

10-pin Cortex Ribbon Cable 4" with 50 mil connectors

This cable connects ARM Cortex programmers and debuggers (such as ULINK and Black Sphere) to a target with a 10-pin 50mil FTSH style header. (The standard 10-pin Cortex header).

The default length is nominally 100mm  (4") but we can make it any length you like if you specify the desired length in the Comments section of the Checkout page and add the Shorten IDC Cable service to your order.

The connectors fitted to this cable are Harwin M50-3300542 or equivalent and mate with e.g. Samtec FTSH family headers.

Buying this? Why don't you design in our tiny ZERO COST Tag-Connect footprints for Cortex instead ? See here. Our TC2030 -NL footprints occupy under 1/3 the board space of the Samtec FTSH 10-pin header and are infinately cheaper! No Header! No Brainer!

WARNING for ATMEL-ICE users: The Atmel-ICE has it's header pin numbers reversed (standard pin 1 is Atmel-ICE's pin 10). To use our cable with Atmel's reversed pin-number header you'll either need to cut off one a locating lug from one ribbon connector and plug it in backwards, or select the LEMTA option below to order with one of the 10-pin ribbon connectors fitted backwards. If you plug in a standard (correct) Cortex cable you're going to short power and stuff out.


(Select the LEMTA option for the backwards pin numbering of Atmel-ICE)

TC-FOOTPRINT-PCB Footprint Demo PCB with 6, 10 and 14-pin Legged and No-Legs Footprints

Tag-Connect Footprint Demo PCB

TC-FOOTPRINT-PCB is a small demo PCB with sample footprints for TC2030, TC2030-NL, TC2050, TC2050-NL, TC2070 and TC2070-NL footprints (6, 10 and 14-pin Legged and No-Legs footprints).




TC-FRICTION 10-Pack Friction Clip-Board for TC2050 and TC2070

IMG_3718 IMG_3729


The Friction-CLIP board is a simple small board with friction-fit holes that pushes onto the steel alignment pins on the underside of your PCB to hold the no-legs versions of the TC2050-IDC-NL and TC2070-IDC-NL in place for debugging use.

Compared to the TC2050-CLIP boards these friction clip boards have a stronger grip but may be harder to insert (actually with practice both are easy).

There are two positions that TC2050 or TC2070 No Leg cables can be inserted. Looking at the image top-left, the two rightmost holes should be used for the strongest grip. The other position has less interference. On the current batch of boards only the rightmost position grips well.

TC-FRICTION is being obsoleted. A new replacement product is available called GRIP-10 (for use with TC2050) and GRIP-14 (for use with TC2070). Contact us for details. +1 877 244 4156. The GRIP's hold the cable firmly to the board for debugging. For frequent attachment / removal of TC2050 cables consider TC2050-CLIP instead. There is no TC2070-CLIP board, please use GRIP-14.





This product is intended to temporarily hold a TC2050-NL cable in place on a PCB. The solution will help when board space is premium and you need to perform a hands-free programming or debugging operation.  For a more robust and convenient debugging connection consider using the TC2050 legged cable and footprint.

We recommend keeping a few spare of these since they are easily misplaced when working on the desktop. Over time they may lose some grip.

This product is available here on our website or from our distributors


TC2030-CLIP Retaining CLIP board for TC2030-NL cables


This product is intended to temporarily hold a TC2030 -NL ("No Legs") cable in place on a PCB.  This solution will help when board space is at a premium and you need a hands free solution for debugging. 

We recommend keeping a few spare of these since the tiny boards are easy to misplace when working on the bench.

For a more robust solution consider a TC2030-MCP legged cable. 

This product is available here on our website or from our distributors