Tag-Connect TC2050 plug-of-nails™ cable being inserted into PCB
TC2030-NL inserting into PCB with tiny footprint next to coin
TC2030 on tiny PCB with tiny footprint
TC2030 footprint comparison with box header
The Greenest Connector!
Save Cost & Space on EVERY Board!
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No Header - No Brainer!
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Tag-Connect™ Solutions for Debuggers & Programmers

Read more about how Tag-Connect Saves you Money on Every PCB!

B&K Precision 844USB, 866C, 867C Cable Selection & Installation

B&K Precision 844USBN programmer

B&K Precision 866C programmer

B&K Precision 867C programmer

The B&K Precision range of desktop programmers support in-system serial programming (ISP). The 844USB has a 10-pin 0.1″ ISP box header on the side of the unit. The 866C and 867C have a 20-pin ISP box header on the front of the unit.

Tag-Connect™ replacement debug/programming cables save cost and space on every board!

Our TC2050-IDC and TC2050-IDC-NL cables will work directly with the 844USB, connecting all 10 pins to the target board using our tiny footprint plug-of-nails™ connectors. When using the TC2050-IDC-NL, the TC2050-CLIP-3PACK can be used to retain the connector into the board.

For 6-pin target board connectors or for 866C or 867C solutions, please contact us. The solutions will depend on exactly what pins are being used for particular signals which in turn depends on the particular target device selected in the 844USB, 866C or 867C programmer.