Legs or No Legs?

Tag-Connectors come in two types, “With Legs” (also known as “legged”) and “No Legs”. In part numbers a –NL suffix specifies the “No Legs” version.

The Legged solution is ideal for development environments where a secure connection over an extended period of time is required. This option is self-securing to the PCB.


TC2030 legged miniature programming connector inserted into test PCB

The No Legged option is perfect for production programming where you are performing a one-off short duration operation and where minimizing physical board space is a significant consideration.  For longer operations, such as debugging, a clip or fixture can be used to secure the connection instead of holding it by hand.

TC2030-NL miniature debug connectorTC2030-NL tiny footprint debug connector inserted into mircrocomputer  PCB TC2030-NL tiny footprint programming connector inserted into production PCB