Tag-Connect TC2050 plug-of-nails™ cable being inserted into PCB
TC2030-NL inserting into PCB with tiny footprint next to coin
TC2030 on tiny PCB with tiny footprint
TC2030 footprint comparison with box header
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Tag-Connect™ Solutions for Debuggers & Programmers

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Microchip PM3 Cable Selection

Microchip PM3 programmerTag-Connect™ replacement debug/programming cables allow you to save cost and space on every board!


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RJ12 to 6 Pin Plug-of-Nails™ - No Legs (standard cable)
Plug-of-Nails™ No Legs6 pin target connector
PCB End: 6 Pin Plug-of-Nails™ No LegsDebug End: 6 Pin RJ11/RJ12
Tag-Connect TC2030-MCP-NL programming cable is primarily intended for use in production programming. It is particularly suited to environments where the connection to the PCB is of short duration, and operators are working quickly from board to board. A major advantage of the TC2030-MCP-NL is the extremely small footprint required on the PCB (hardly any bigger than a surface mount resistor) allowing the minimum possible space on your PCB to be used for the programming connection. The TC2030-MCP-NL is also compatible with the TC2030-MCP footprint allowing use of the TC2030-MCP for development work and TC2030-MCP-NL for fast programming in production. The TC2030-MCP-NL can be held in place making it suitable for debugging and development when using TC2030-CLIP board . Where a sustained connection to the PCB is required, also consider the TC2030-MCP. Ideal for efficient production programming and also for debugging.
TC2030-NL no legs tiny PCB footprint connector to RJ12 for Microchip ICD1 x TC2030-MCP-NL 6-Pin No-Legs Cable with RJ12 Modular Plug (for Microchip ICD)
This product is intended to temporarily hold a TC2030 -NL ("No Legs") cable in place on a PCB. This solution will help when board space is at a premium and you need a hands free solution for debugging. Supplied as pack of 3. We recommend keeping a few spare of these since the tiny boards are easy to misplace when working on the bench. For a more robust solution consider a TC2030 legged cable.
TC2030-CLIP-3PACK retaining clips for TC20301 x TC2030-CLIP-3PACK Retaining CLIP board for TC2030-NL cables - 3 Pack
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Price: $53.95 Qty: Buy
RJ12 to 6 Pin Plug-of-Nails™ - With Legs (standard cable)
Plug-of-Nails™ Legged6 pin target connector
PCB End: 6 Pin Plug-of-Nails™ LeggedDebug End: 6 Pin RJ11/RJ12
TC2030 legged footprintTag-Connect TC2030-MCP cable is primarily intended for use in development environments and is also ideal for production programming. The spring-loaded contact pins are held firmly in place by four plastic legs each of which clips securely into its own locating hole. Tag-Connect TC2030-MCP is ideal where you need to maintain a connection to the PCB for an extended period such as when performing testing or development work. See also TC2030-MCP-NL for applications where an even smaller footprint is required. Ideal for both debugging and production programming.
TC2030-MCP programming cable, 6 pin plug-of-nails to RJ12 for Microchip ICD1 x TC2030-MCP 6-Pin Cable with RJ12 Modular Plug (for Microchip ICD)
Price: $35.95 Qty: Buy