The Developers

Tag-Connect cales originally started as a joint venture combining the Embedded Systems expertise of Advanced Bitnology with the Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering expertise of CMSolutions, LLC. In 2010 Tag-Connect, LLC was formed and took over ownership of all IP, assests and operations of the Tag-Connect products.

Neil Sherman of Advanced Bitnology

Advanced Bitnology is an Embedded Systems and product Design and Development house.

Founder Neil Sherman has years of expertise developing products containing all kinds of embedded processors. Neil is an Embedded Systems Consultant specializing in getting the most out of a little and excells especially in the area of low power.

Neil is one of an informal team of independant consultants who regularly work together and can bring a high level of skills and competancy to most any project.

Neil spent 11 years as Druck’s first software engineer and developed the firmware and electronics for a range of Digital Pressure Calibrators, Controllers and Instruments. Druck (now part of GE) has become a name synonymous with precision pressure measurement and calibration. After moving to the USA, Neil founded Advanced Bitnology, a software, firmware and product development consulting business and has helped launch many commercially successful products including Swiss Army Startech Altimeter Watches, Robotic ICU beds, Implantable Medical Devices, Control and Image Processing Systems for BD’s Flow Cytometers (biological cell sorters), various Temperature and Environmental Dataloggers, Robotic Material Handlers, TrailTech’s Vapor and Vector ATV computers, Pickering Labs’ Pinnacle HPLC Liquid Chromatography system, Tag-Connect and many other successful products.

Neil was a Hi-Tech Certified Consultant (now incorporated into Microchip’s Design partner program) and specializes in MCU development using various families of MCU including PIC, MSP430, ARM CM3 for ultra-low power applications, Real-Time Systems, C/C++, ARM, Windows, Device Drivers, Communications Protocols, USB, Zigbee, TCP/IP, Floating Point math implementations, and has specialist 4-bit EPSON MCU expertise.

Contact Neil at 650-624-8610 or [email protected] or visit his website at