Renesas E8a/E1 Cable Selection & Installation

Renesas E1 with Tag-Connect cables and adapters

*Renesas E8a (not shown in picture), but has the same solution as the E1.

There are a couple of solutions for the Renesas E8a/E1 debugger. In conjunction with our TC-Renesas adapter, TC2030-IDC 6-pin or the TC2050-IDC 10-pin cables depending on your needs. Which you need will depend on the specific MCU you are using.

There are eight jumpers on the TC-Renesas adapter that you will need to set correctly to suit the family of MCU you are using and these will determine the signals routed to the PCB Tag-Connect footprint. Renesas chose to use a different set of pins for each device family, they no doubt had their reasons… Instructions on how to select the jumper settings are given in the TC-Renesas datasheetContact Us if you need help!

Renesas E1 with adapter

Plug in a TC2030-IDC or TC2050-IDC cable, depending on your MCU.

Renesas E1 with 6 pin TC2030-IDC

Above is the configuration for the TC2030-IDC. Below is the setup for the TC2050-IDC.

Renesas E1 with 10 pin TC2050 IDC

Connect it to your target PCB and start debugging!

Both cables come in “legged” and “no-leg” versions, as well as the option of our standard 6″ cable or 10″ versions.

For hands-free debugging, the TC20x0-IDC-NL will require the TC-2030/TC2050-CLIP depending on the cable.


Check out the data sheets: