TC2050-IDC-430 Legged Cable for use with MSP430 / FET430


Special version of the TC2050-IDC Plug-of-Nails™ cable designed to be plugged directly into TI’s MSP-FET430, compatible with all MSP430 MCU’s.



Tag-Connect’s TC2050-IDC-430 programming cable is a special version of the TC2050-IDC Plug-of-Nails™ cable designed to be plugged directly into TI’s MSP-FET430 and is compatible with all MSP430 MCU’s.

  • The cable is fitted with a spring-pin Tag-Connector that conveniently plugs directly into your PCB and terminates in a 14-pin 0.1″ ribbon connector.
  • Plugs straight to your PCB – No mating connector or header required!
  • Requires only a tiny footprint of pads and locating holes in your PCB.
  • Footprint MUCH smaller than the standard 14-pin ribbon header.
  • Zero Cost Per Board!
  • High-Reliability Spring-Pins make a Secure Connection and are rated for over 100,000 operations.
  • Footprint has no height and reduces the size and space requirements of your PCB.

Tag-Connect cables provide a simple, reliable means of connecting Debuggers and Programmers or other test equipment to your PCB’s while lowering board costs and facilitating efficient production programming.

Tag-Connect uses a specially designed (Patent Pending) connector which eliminates the need for putting a programming header or other mating connector on every PCB. Instead, Tag-Connect uses tried and tested spring-pins rated for over 100,000 operations to make a secure connection to a special footprint pattern of pads and locating holes in your PCB.

The legged version footprint takes about the same board space as two or three SMT resistors which means you can locate the footprint right next to the MCU if desired.

This 10-conductor cable has a TC2050 Tag-Connector on one end and a standard 14-pin ribbon connector on the other and is wired specifically for the TI MSP-FET430 debugger (and compatible MSP430 debuggers). It is compatible with all MSP430 MCU’s.

See also TC2050-IDC-NL-430 (no-legs version) with a tiny 0.03″ footprint. Also, if your MSP430 device supports SPY-BI-WIRE, take a look at the SPY-BI-TAG adaptor with the even smaller footprint TC2030-MCP 6-pin cables.



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