TC-RENESAS Adapter for Renesas E1/E2/E2 Lite/E8a/E20 Emulators/Debuggers


Adapter for Renesas E1 and E8a Debuggers to connect 6 or 10 pin Plug-of-Nails™ cable.


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The TC-RENESAS Adapter allows TC2030-IDC 6-pin or TC2050-IDC 10-pin Plug-of-Nails™ Cables to be used with Renesas E1, E2, E2 Lite, E8a or E20 Emulators/Debuggers (and any other Renesas emulators/debuggers providing the standard 14 pin connector). The adapter can be used with all Renesas MCU’s compatible with these emulators/debuggers.
See datasheet below for full details of the adapter configuration options for the Renesas debuggers and devices.

Further information is available on our Renesas emulator cable selection page.

Note: Adapter only supplied. Debugger image for illustration only.


This product is used in the following debugger/device solutions:

This product is used as part of the following solutions for particular debuggers, protocols and devices. Solutions may involve additional cables, adapters or retaining clips, as well as this product you are viewing now. Click on the solution links to see full solutions and installation instructions where applicable.

Renesas E1/E2/E8a/E20 for Renesas Various using SWD
Renesas E1/E2/E8a/E20 for Renesas Various using JTAG/FINE