ARM20-CTX 20-Pin to TC2030-IDC Adapter for Cortex


Adapter board to use TC2030-IDC Plug-of-Nails™ cables with ARM SWD (Single Wire Debug) applications.


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The Tag-Connect ARM20-CTX adapter board allows our TC2030-IDC cables to be used for ARM SWD (Single Wire Debug) applications. Although intended for use with our patented TC2030-IDC (and TC2030-IDC-NL) Plug-of-Nails™ Cables, the adapter may also be useful to people wishing to use 6-pin 0.1″ ribbon headers on their PCB instead of the traditional 20-Pin header.

Note: Adapter only supplied. The TC2030-IDC or TC2030-IDC-NL cable is purchased separately, the cables and Segger JLINK seen in the pictures are not included!


This product is used in the following debugger/device solutions:

This product is used as part of the following solutions for particular debuggers, protocols and devices. Solutions may involve additional cables, adapters or retaining clips, as well as this product you are viewing now. Click on the solution links to see full solutions and installation instructions where applicable.

STLINK-V3SET for ST STM32 using SWD (via. ARM20)
ST-LINK/V2 for ST STM32 using SWD
Segger J-LINK for ARM Cortex using SWD, cJTAG