TC-C2000-F-90 Adapter to use TC2050-IDC with TI DSP’s




The TC-C2000-F-90 adapter has female 0.1″ pitch connector with no key.

The TC-C2000 adapter enables use of Tag-Connect TC2050-IDC or TC2050-IDC-NL cables with TI DSP’s and processors. The onboard EMU0 and EMU1 pull-up resistors can eliminate otherwise unused pull-ups on each and every target board. For normal use where the JTAG clock is sourced by the programmer / debugger solder-bridge jumpers are configured so that TCK is connected to TCK_RET on the adapter and TCK_RET is not needed on the target PCB.

See TC-2000-F-180 and TC-C2000-M for other connector options.