EC06-CTX-20 6-pin Castellated Board-Edge Connector for ARM Cortex using IAR’s I-Jet or Keil’s ULINK PRO


EC06 6-pin Edge-Connect™ to 20-pin 0.05″ female IDC.


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Edge-Connect™ – The Leading-Edge Connector!

This special cable has a 6-pin EC06 Version 2 Edge-Connect™ connector and a 20-pin 0.05″ pitch female IDC that mates with the FTSH-105 style micro-headers compatible with i-Jet and ULINK pro. (This won’t fit the traditional 20-pin 0.1″ connector such as found on the standard J-Link debuggers). This uses version 2 of our patented literal edge of the board connector which is smaller and more robust whilst being fully compatible with version 1. The castellated PCB edge requirements are unchanged from version 1.

Edge-Connect™ is the patent-pending newest member in the family of Programming Connectors and Cables from Tag-Connect. EC06 is the 6-pin connector.

By connecting to the literal edge of the PCB (not the surface near the edge like traditional edge-connectors) Edge-Connect™ is designed to essentially eliminate the wasted real-estate needed by JTAG programming and test connectors.

Edge-Connect™ is an Ideal solution for space-sensitive PCB’s and modules that don’t have room on the board for traditional connectors but which still need a means of programming firmware and testing.

We’ve designed Edge-Connect™so that we can offer low-cost, fast-turn, customized connector solutions to meet the unique requirements of your PCB – Contact Us if you have a custom requirement.

Shown in the images above is the Tag-Connect Edge-Connect EC10-IDC 10-pin cable with Castellated Edge Connector and attached target PCB (Demo PCB not included).

  • Connects directly to the literal edge of the PCB
  • PCB snaps directly onto the Edge-Connect™
  • Zero Component Cost on the PCB
  • Maximizes available PCB real-estate
  • Eliminates the cost of a connector on every board
  • Requires just one tiny locating hole
  • Low profile edge access ideal for use with stacked PCB’s with no access headroom
  • Cant be connected backwards due to keyed feature
  • Standard or custom design configurations available
  • Alternative pitch? Three castellated edges? No problem!
  • No Header! – No Brainer!

Instead of using the usual space-costly Surface Mount or Plated Through-Hole connectors, Edge-Connect™ has springy gold-plated contacts that connect directly to the literal edge of the target PCB using edge castellation.

A Castellated PCB edge is a board edge that has plated through holes that are placed overhanging the edge of the board and typically made at little to no extra cost even from most cheap proto-board fab services (often a check box in the online quote is marked “Castellated Holes”).

Castellated edges are commonly used on RF, WiFi, BLE and IoT sensor modules making them suitable for soldering as an SMT component onto host PCB’s using the castellated holes as pins. Edge-Connect™ allows test and programming and even debugging without first soldering the module to the host PCB. This makes it very useful for factory test and programming of the module.

EC06-CTX-20 has a castellation pitch of 1.27mm and requires a single tiny non-plated through hole to locate and hold the PCB in place.

See below for the standard EC06-IDC version1 and version 2 datasheets. We will be publishing revisions to the datasheet. Note that this product terminates in a 20-pin 0.05″ IDC.

Note: EC06-CTX-20 with ribbon cable and IDC connector only supplied, Demo PCB not included.

Note: Even though shown as “Available”, there is currently a 1 week backlog on orders for EC06-CTX-20. If you place an order now your card will be charged even though your EC06-CTX-20 may not ship immediately.