TC2030-FTDI-TTL-234X-5V USB to TC2030 Serial Cable


FTDI’s TTL-234X-5v to USB Serial Converter cable fitted with a TC2030 6-pin “Legged” Tag-Connector.



This product is FTDI’s TTL-234X-5V to USB Serial Converter cable fitted with a TC2030 “Legged” Tag-Connector. This tiny footprint TC2030 debug connector requires no mating-half connector on the PCB saving target board cost and space.

FTDI-TTL-234X-5V Specification
VCC Max current: 450mA
UART TTL level signals: 5V
Data rates: 3Mbps

Nominal cable length: 5.9ft/1.8m.

See also the no-legs version TC2030-NL-FTDI-TTL-234X-5V. For details of the full range of Tag-Connect FTDI test cables , see the FTDI test cables range summary and full list of available FTDI family cables.

TC2030 Connections

TC2030 pin FTDI Signal Type Description
1  VCC (RED) Output Power supply output
2 CTS / TMS (BROWN) Input Clear to Send Control input / Handshake signal
3 RXD / TDI (YELLOW) Input Receive Asynchronous Data input
4 TXD / TCLK (ORANGE) Output Transmit Asynchronous Data output
5 GND (BLACK) GND Device ground supply pin
6 RTS / TDO (GREEN) Output Request To Send Control Output / Handshake signal