TC2050 10 Pin “Legged ” Plug-of-Nails™ to 0.050″ pitch 14 pin ribbon connector suitable for STLINKV3 and STLINK-V3MINI debuggers that connects to the STDC14 connector.



10-Pin Legged TC2050 Plug-of-Nails™ programming cable terminated with a 14-pin 0.05″ pitch ribbon connector that mates with the STDC14 (FTSH-107) style micro-header found on the STLINK-V3 and STLINK-V3MINI.

Pins 3-12 of the STDC14 connector map to TC2050 footprint pins 1-10. STDC14 pins 1,2,13&14 are not connected. TC2050 Pin n connects to STDC14 Pin n+2

Datasheet (for footprint information only)