TC2050-NL-FP Footprint


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If you have come to this page you are presumably trying to buy a ‘footprint’ for one of the TC2050 family of cables. You may have been redirected here for any part number starting with “TC2050” and ending in “-FP”.

Very probably our part number appears on your PCB assembly’s Parts List or BOM with a code ending in “-FP”, e.g. TC2050-NL-FP or TC2050-IDC-NL-FP. and that’s why you are trying to purchase this item?

This code has ended up on your BOM as this is the code given to the pattern of pads and holes that allows our test cable to connect with the PCB. There is no mating part connector or header soldered to the PCB. What goes on your PCB is a footprint of test points and holes. It is designed into the bare PCB and often ends up as an item in the BOM. There is no part to buy that is soldered to the board. The BOM should have a note against this item saying “Not a part – Do Not load”.

If you are going to program the assembled PCB’s with firmware then you may need to buy a few cables, one per programming station (with programmer, pc, etc) and maybe a few spares. But one of our cables programs thousands of PCB’s one at a time, so you do not need to buy one for each board produced.