20-pin Cortex Ribbon Cable 4″ length with 50 mil connectors


Connects ARM Cortex programmers and debuggers (such as ULINK and Black Sphere) to a target with a 10-pin 50mil FTSH style header. See description below for orientation information.



This cable connects ARM Cortex programmers and debuggers (such as ULINKpro and IAR I-Jet) to a target with a 20-pin 50mil FTSH style header. (The standard 20-pin Cortex header).
The default length is nominally 100mm (4″) but we can make it any length you like if you specify the desired length in the Comments section of the Checkout page and add the Shorten IDC Cable service or lengthen IDC cable service to your order.

The connectors fitted to this cable are Harwin M50-3301042 or equivalent and mate with e.g. Samtec FTSH family headers.

Buying this? Why don’t you design in our tiny ZERO COST Tag-Connect footprints for Cortex instead? See our TC2030-CTX-20 ARM Cortex debugger cable. Our TC2030 -NL footprints occupy under 1/3 the board space of the Samtec FTSH 10-pin header and are infinitely cheaper! No Header! No Brainer!