TC2030-CTX 6-Pin Cable for ARM Cortex


6-Pin Legged TC2030 Plug-of-Nails™ Cable for use with ARM Cortex processors.


6-Pin Legged TC2030 Plug-of-Nails™ programming cable for use with ARM Cortex processors.

This special cable has a 6-pin TC2030 Tag-Connector and a 10-pin ribbon and ribbon connector that mates with the FTSH-105 style micro-headers used for Cortex Debug Connector as found in debuggers such as Keil’s ULINK-2.

See also the TC2030-CTX-NL “No Legs” version of the cable with footprint that saves over 66% of the board space needed by typical FTSH-105 micro headers!

For traditional ARM solutions using the 20-pin header as found on Segger’s J-LINK see our TC2050-ARM2010 adapter used with TC2050-IDC (-NL) cables.

WARNING for ATMEL-ICE users: The Atmel-ICE has it’s header pin numbers reversed (standard pin 1 is Atmel ICE’s pin 10). To use our cable with Atmel’s reversed pin-number header you’ll either need to cut off the ribbon connector locating lug and plug it in reversed, or select the LEMTA option with the 10-pin connector fitted backwards. If you plug in a standard (correct) Cortex cable you’re going to short power and stuff out.

Note: Cable only supplied, Keil’s ULINK2 debugger and Tag-Connect Demo PCB shown for illustrative use – not included with the cable!


This product is used in the following debugger/device solutions:

This product is used as part of the following solutions for particular debuggers, protocols and devices. Solutions may involve additional cables, adapters or retaining clips, as well as this product you are viewing now. Click on the solution links to see full solutions and installation instructions where applicable.

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Cypress Miniprog 3 & 4 for Cypress PSoC/MCU using SWD
ARM Keil ULINK2 for ARM Cortex using SWD
Atmel ICE for SAM (ARM Cortex) using SWD