Non-Slip DMM Probe Tips


Makes probing around a tightly packed circuit board a breeze.

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Non-slip Probe Tips – An Invaluable Addition to your Toolbox

  • Probes slide onto standard 2mm multimeter probes
  • Tungsten-Carbide tips stay exactly where positioned – without slipping off!
  • Specially machined flutes bite through oxide, dirt, even coatings
  • Easily hold two probes in one hand without slipping
  • Safe to the touch
  • One pair of slide-on tips included*

*Main multimeter leads not included.

These non-slip DVM/DMM probe tips make probing around a tightly packed circuit board a breeze. With these non-slip multimeter probes you no-longer have to worry about your probes slipping and sliding, shorting between tracks or just not penetrating through coatings. You can easily hold both probes in one hand whilst adjusting settings with the other hand.

The Non-Slip probe adapter has excellent ability to penetrate thin coatings and oxidation. Picture “A” (see image gallery above) shows the tip probing through a layer of enamel on a piece of transformer wire. The circuit board in “B” is intended for wet environments and has a coat of epoxy to seal the connections but the probe easily penetrates the coating. Solder joints and traces that have become oxidized can be dependably probed with the non-slip adapters as shown in “C”. The silkscreen on circuit boards that covers traces and interferes with standard probes can be probed through dependably.

The points have a steel shank with a tungsten carbide point that is configured as a 6 fluted inverted cone. Available in two sizes, 0.8mm DMM probe tips are standard, better grip, better for biting through coatings, and fine 0.6mm DMM probe tips which are better for fine pitch parts.