TC2050 10 Pin “No legs” Plug-of-Nails™ to 0.050″ pitch 10 pin ribbon connector suitable for ULINK2 and similar debuggers that use the Samtec FTSH-105-01 style micro-header. As TC2050-IDC-NL-050 but with all pins connected.


The TC2050-IDC-NL-050-ALL programming cable has an 0.050″ pitch ribbon connector suitable for programmers and debuggers that use the Samtec FTSH-105-01 style micro-header (10-pins).

The pin connections are 1-1 and all 10 pins are connected. (The standard TC2050-IDC-NL-050 cable does not have pins 5&9 connected to be similar to our TC2050-ARM2010 adapter and may be what you need for ARM applications).

Datasheet (for footprint information only)

Note: The 10-pin male connectors on the Atmel-ICE have reversed (non-standard) pin numbering. For Atmel-ICE you should purchase the LEMTA version of our cables which have the 10-pin ribbon connector fitted backwards which corrects for the Atmel-ICE pin numbering reversal. (Atmel ICE comes suppplied with a ribbon cable fitted with two 10-pin IDC connectors and a 6-pin single-in-line SIP connector – The 10-pin connector at the Atmel ICE end is reversed but the other is not, correcting the pin-numbering at the target PCB. Our LEMTA cables similarly have a reversed connector).

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This product is used as part of the following solutions for particular debuggers, protocols and devices. Solutions may involve additional cables, adapters or retaining clips, as well as this product you are viewing now. Click on the solution links to see full solutions and installation instructions where applicable.

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