TC2070-IDC-SOFT – Soft Squeeze


TC2070 14-pin Plug-of-Nails™ Cable (with legs) to 14-pin 0.1″ female IDC.



14-pin Plug-of-Nails™ programming cable – With Legs Version

Fitted with 14-pin (2×7) 0.1″ spaced ribbon cable connector.

Approx 8″ (200mm) of ribbon cable between connectors.

Soft Squeeze cables are designed for frequent production use to be easy on the fingers of operators. They may also be a good choice in very low humidity or low temperature environments when the side squeeze-tabs may be stiffer. They are not recommended for debugging / development use as an accidental tug may result in them disconnecting from the board.

Soft squeeze cables are not recommended in humid environments.

Note that for many applications where 14-pin connectors are natively used by a debugger (such as MSP430, TI and ADI DSP’s, Renesas MCU’s etc) we offer some excellent alternative solutions that in many cases can reduce the footprint size on your PCB to 6 or 10-pins as well as reducing the price per cable.


See also TC2070-IDC-NL (no-legs) version.