Introducing the New Standard in Cables for In-Circuit Programming.... In-Circuit Programming Cables that Save Cost and Space on Every Board!

The Benefits of Tag Connect

ZERO Cost per Board!

No mating connector required on PCB!

Tiny footprint!

High Reliability Pogo Spring Pins for Secure Connection!

Rugged Design for Highly Repetitive Use!

Designed so it can only be inserted the correct way round!

Two versions both designed to cut your costs, save you time, and save space on your PCBs!

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STDC14 cable no-legs version for programming STM32 MCUs from STLINK-V3 or STLINK-V3MINI

6-Pin "No-Legs" TC2030 Plug-of-NailsTM Cable for use with STM32 processors using the STDC14 connector on the STLINK-V3 or STLINK-V3MINI debuggers.

Note: This STDC14 cable was previously known as TC2030-CTX-NL-ST14. 

This special cable has a 6-pin TC2030 Tag-Connector and a 14-pin ribbon connector that mates with the FTSH-107 style micro-header found on the STLINK-V3 and STLINK-V3MINI and provides the signals necessary for the SWD protocol on the STM32 MCU including SWO.

For Datasheet refer to the similar:

See also the TC2030-CTX-STDC14 Legged version of the cable.

If you need all 14-pins connected to your target board see instead the TC2070-IDC-NL-050 cable.

For traditional ARM JTAG solutions using the 20-pin 0.1" header as found on ST-LINK/V2 or the add-on Mezanine board in STLINK-V3SET see here.



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