The TC2050‐XILINX-M is an adapter designed to be plugged into a 2mm female 14‐pin Header found on Xilinx compatible programming cables such as Digilent's JTAG HS2 and HS3 and similar programmers.
Although primarily intended for use with our patented TC2050‐IDC Plug‐of‐Nails™ Cables, this adapter may be useful to people wishing to use a 10‐pin 0.1” ribbon header on their PCB.

See also the TX2050-XILINX Female version of this adapter which plugs into Xilinx Platform Cable and similar debuggers.

See also the newer TC-XILINX6 and TC-XLINIX6-M adapters for use with 6-pin TC2030-IDC cables.
Price: $29.95