Upcoming Exhibitions in May: ESC (Boston) IoT World (Santa Clara) Sensors+Test (Nuremberg)

We'd be delighted to see you at one of this month's trade shows:

Embedded Systems Conference (Boston) May 3&4 at Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. Booth 885

IoT World May 16,17,18 at Santa Clara Convention Center Booth 808

Sensors+Test (Nuremberg) May 30-June 1st. Hall 2 Booth 2-203.

Hope to see you there!

Visit us at Embedded World, Nuremberg March 14th-16th

We're excited to be at Embedded World 2017 - visit us in hall 4-127 (we'll be about halfway allong the North edge of the hall). Take a sneak-peek at the latest in our new range of connectors that save even more space and allows unhindered side access for stacked PCB's!


See us at ESC Minneapolis Sept 21-22 and Sensors Expo Chicago Sept 27-28 also ARM Techcon and Electronica

We'll be at all of the above shows over the next couple of weeks and months. All have free admission at least for the Expo. Come see our latest products and discuss your needs with us.

ESC Midwest - Minneapolis - joined with MDM, PLASTEC, Design & Manufacturing, Pack and ATX  Wed Sept 21 (10am-5pm) and Thurs 22 (10am - 4pm) Booth 319

Sensors Expo (Chicago), Booth 1013  Tues Sept 27 9am-5pm and Wednesday 28th 9am-4pm

ARM Techcon October  Wed Oct 26 & Thur 27 10:30am-6:30pm

Electronica (Munich) Nov 8, 9 & 10 09:00-18:00. Nov 11 09:00-17:00

TC-LATTICE adapter - a new solution for Lattice devices

We have a new 12-pin to 6-pin adapter that plugs into the Lattice HW-USBN-2B Programming Cable. It allows use of our 6-pin TC2030-IDC cables instead of the unwieldy twelve flying lead solution that comes with the programmer. TC2030 footprints can be as small as the footprint of an 0805 resitor and save all of the cost and most of the space of a physical JTAG connector on your PCB. Our adapter also has an on-board 500 Ohm resistor solving the problem of the HW-USBN-2B programmer elevating VCC if your target is very low power. See

Visit us at Sensors Expo, San Jose McEnery Convention Center, June 22-23rd

Come visit us in Booth 1235!

Wed 22nd 10am - 5:30pm, Thurs 23rd 10am to 3pm

Did you know....? Some of the many places Tag-Connectors are used

Over the last several years Tag-Connector’s products have become widely adopted and established throughout the electronics industry.

You may not realize it, but chances are you have more than a few products (consumer or otherwise) close by, in your home, office or even on your person that incorporate our footprints or were developed using Tag-Connect cables.

Tag-Connect is the de-facto programming connection of choice for BLE Beacons and IoT devices. You'll see our tiny 0805 sized JTAG footprints on BLE Beacons and modules from companies like Nordic Semiconductor, EM Microelectronic and others and on IoT and other devboards and reference designs from companies like TI and Atmel. If you have a coffee machine or vending machine in your office that grinds beans and makes lattes, chances are it uses our footprints. If you have a blender that you saw making hot soup at Costco, it probably was programmed using our connector.

Tag-Connect customers include pretty well all of the major electronics and consumer product companies such as Apple, Google, Oracle, Dell, Microsoft, Logitech, FitBit to name but a few, and most of the major appliance companies such as Whirlpool, Electrolux, Miele, Bosch, Honeywell, etc. A famous VOIP phone system provider told us that every $33 Tag-Connect cable they purchase saves them hundreds of thousands of dollars in traditional connectors. You'll find our connectors in satellites, in medical devices, in smart locks and keyless entry systems, in garage door openers, and in sewing machines. And you may be surprised to find you already own eval boards and dev-kits with our tiny footprints onboard such as TI Cortex M4 and IoT LaunchPads, Atmel SAMS4XPLAINED, Nordic BLE devkits, and various others. Tag-Connect cables are not only Designed in California, they are Made in California by us! (Of course, some of the parts we use are made elsewhere).

Every cable we sell has been fully assembled, tested and inspected before it ships. Every order we ship is checked carefully for completeness and accuracy by two inspectors. We know the very last thing you need to waste your valuable time is a flakey devtool so we go out of our way to ensure that every product you receive from us will be dependable. Furthermore we truly value each and every one of our customers, big or small. We aim to give you service, quality and functionality that will delight you. Tag-Connect - No Header! No Brainer!


Visit us at ESC Boston April 13th & 14th

Tag-Connect is exhibiting our range of products at the Embedded Systems Conference at Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. The expo hall has fourt shows in one as ESC Boston this year partnerswith Design & Manufacturing, BIOMEDevice and the PLASTEC Showcase. We're in booth 983. We're launching the TC2070-IDC 14-pin Legged Cable at this event. For more info on the conference visit

January at DesignCon and February at Embedded World!

Please come visit us January 20-21 at DesignCon Santa Clara - Booth #805. 

February 23-25th we'll also be at Embedded World in Nürnberg, Germany, Hall 4A-539 located between Digi-Key and Atmel.

We hope to meet you there!

Embedded Systems Conference, Minnesota Nov 4th&5th. ARM Techcon, Santa Clara, CA Nov 11&12

Come meet us at ESC and ARM Techcon - we'd love to meet you! See our latest cables and solutions! Help save the World 10,000 connectors at a time!

FTDI USB to TC2030 Serial Cables, and Real-Time Current Monitor with USB covering 6 decades of current range.

Did you know we sell FTDI FT232 USB to Serial Cables fitted with TC2030 Plug-of-Nails TM Connectors?

These are ideal for factory calibration, configuration and calibration type uses, or anywhere you want an extra serial interface for debugging. Needing a PCB footprint about the size of an 0805 resistor, the No Legs versions are perfect for saving on a large physical serial debug/configuration connector.

See for more detail.

Also, we have some very handy DevTools such as the EE203 Real-Time Current Monitor which covers 6 decades of current measurement (from 1uA to 1A) and has a USB output. Fantastic for debugging and visually seeing the low power modes of your MCU (have you left an input floating or a clock running when it should be turned off). This device has been flying off the shelves - more stock expected today.