ARM TechCon Expo - October 30th and 31st

We're at ARM TechCon again this year - see us in booth 523. The exhibits part of ARM Techcon is free! Several people we checked with in the past wanted to attend Design West and ARM TechCon but didn't because they believed they had to pay for the conference, not realizing that the EXPO is free admission - you don't have to pay $599 or more to get in! See you there! Arm TechCon 2013 Expo date and hours are October 30th 10 to 4:30pm and October 31st 10 to 4pm.

Tag-Connect is moving!

Despite our very tiny footprints, we've outgrown our offices and are currently moving into a beautiful new space in Burlingame, California (close to San Francisco Airport and on the edge of Silicon Valley). Our new address is Tag-Connect, 433 Airport Blvd, Suite 425, Burlingame, CA 94010, USA.

See us at Sensors Expo, Chicago June 5th & 6th

We're in Booth 1109 - See you there!

Tag-Connect at Design West, Santa Clara - April 23-25

Visit us at Design West (aka ESC) Booth 1731. See our latest products including 14-pin Tag-Connectors and our DSP adapters for TI C2000 and ADI. And of course, our TC2030-CTX cables for ARM Cortex which are finalists in the EETIMES / EDN 2013 ACE Awards (winners will be anounced on Tuesday Evening).

Register here - Expo is free to get in.

Tues 11:30AM - 7PM, Wed 11:30AM - 5:30PM, Thus 11:30AM - 4:30 PM.

Visit us Feb 26-28 at Embedded World, Nuremberg.

We'll be in Booth 4-645, directly behind AMD. We'd love to see you!

Three New Products! 14-pin No Legs cable - TI DSP Adapter - ADI DSP Adapter

Tag-Connect is proud to anounce availability of three new products.

Our 14-Pin TC2070-IDC-NL (No Legs) Cable is in stock - with a native 0.1" ribbon connection that will plug into many popular debuggers and programmers.

The TC-C2000 adapter works with most if not all TI DSP's and the TC-ADI adapter works with Analog Devices SHARC and other ADI devices. Both are based on the same 10-pin footprint we established for ARM JTAG with out TC2050-ARM2010 adapter and work with our 10-pin TC2050-IDC family cables. They are available in male or female versions to suit the various emulators, debuggers and programmers out there.

Please get in touch with us directly for more information. We'll be adding the products to our website shortly.

Use Tag-Connect with TI DSP's

Save a ton of board space when using TI DSP's with our latest adapter "TC-C2000". Covering all TI DSP's (PICCOLO, C2000, DaVinci, C24x C28x, C5000, C62x, C64x, C67x, the adapter is available in male (pins) or female connector versions and works with popular XDS100, XDS100V2, XDS200 emulators from the likes of Spectrum Digital, Blackhawk and Olimex or any programmer / emulator supporting a TI-14 connection. Use with our TC2050-IDC or TC2050-IDC-NL cables for a tiny PCB footprint as small as 0.03 square inches. Available Now! Contact us for information.

14-pin Plug-of-Nails Tag-Connector to be introduced at Electronica...

Do come visit us at Electronica (Munich) - Booth A6 - 568 Nov 13-16th. We'd love to see you and show you our expanding range of products including our new 14-pin TC2070-IDC family cables and our ARM Coretex SWD debug connector solutions with footprints as small as 0.13 square cm (needing only 1/3 the board space and 0% of the volume of the 10-pin Cortex FTSH-105 micro connector ).

The GREENEST connector is NO connector!


Visit Tag-Connect at ARM TechCon (Santa Clara) and Electronica.

Visit Tag-Connect at Arm TechCon October 31 / Nov 1st 2012 in Santa Clara, or drop by our booth at Electronica (Munich) - Booth A6 - 568 Nov 13-16th. We'd love to see you and show you our expanding range of products including our ARM Coretex SWD debug connector solutions with footprints as small as 0.02 sq inches (only needing 1/3 the board space of the 10-pin Cortex FTSH-105 micro connector).


No Header! No Brainer! Zero component cost on the PCB! Zero height footprint!


Tag-Connect Products Continue to Win Mainstream Industry Acceptance

Ever since the launch of our first products Tag-Connect has quickly gained industry acceptance and become establish as the solution of choice when it comes to low cost / tiny footprints for programming / debugging and testing Embedded devices. Microchip quickly established Tag-Connect as a Premiere 3rd Party Tools Provider; CCS recognized the value of our products and started to sell Tag-Connect cables for use with their range of Programmers and Dev tools. Segger also brands our cables and sells them as a standard accessory for J-LINK. More recently ST Microelectronics has also endorsed Tag-Connect's patented Plug-of-Nails™ products as being a "simple reliable means of connecting ST-LINK/V2 ... to your PCB" (UM1075 User Manual). TI have also have chosen Tag-Connect's TC2050-IDC-NL cable and ARM2010 adapter as the means to program one of the ARM Cortex-M4F MCU's on their soon to be released Stellaris LaunchPad eval board. Tag-Connect... No Header – No Brainer!