Tag-Connect Cables

TC2030-PKT-NL 6-Pin No-Legs Cable for Microchip PICkit 3

TC2030-PKT-NL cable

Tag-Connect TC2030-PKT-NL is primarily intended for use in production programming. It is particularly suited to environments where the connection to the PCB is of short duration, and operators are working quickly from board to board.

A major advantage of the TC2030-PKT-NL is the extremely small footprint required on the PCB (hardly any bigger than a surface mount resistor) allowing the minimum possible space on your PCB to be used for the programming connection.

The TC2030-PKT-NL (no legs) cable is also compatible with the TC2030 legged footprint allowing use of the TC2030-PKT legged cable for development work and TC2030-PKT-NL for fast programming in production.

The TC2030-PKT-NL is also suited to use for debugging and development when secured into position using a TC2030-CLIP board. See 'Using the TC2030-MCP-NL for debugging' on the User Information page for details.

Where a sustained connection to the PCB is required, also consider the TC2030-PKT.

Ideal for efficient production programming and also for debugging.

This product is available here or from our distributors


TC2030-PKT 6-Pin Cable with pins for use with Microchip PICkit 3

Tag Connect TC2030-PKT is primarily intended for use in development environments but is also ideal for production programming. The spring-loaded contact pins are held firmly in place by four plastic legs each of which clips securely into its own locating hole.

Tag-Connect TC2030-PKT is ideal where you need to maintain a connection to the PCB for an extended period such as when performing testing or development work.

See also TC2030-PKT-NL for applications where an even smaller footprint is required.

Ideal for both debugging and production programming.

This product is available here from our distributors



TC2030-CTX-ETM Plug-of-Nails™ Connector for SWD with TC2050 for ETM

TC2030-CTX-ETM is a TC2030-CTX-20 cable with 6-pin Tag-Connector for SWD and an additional 10-pin TC2050 connector connected to pins 11-20 providing the extended trace signals.

The pin numbering for pins 11-20 of the 20-pin Cortex maps to the TC2050 pin numbering as follows (TC2050 pins are numbered like a DIP IC).

TC2050 pin no.  Cotex 20-pin
1  11 GND/TgtPwr+cap
2  13 GND/TgtPwr+cap
3  15 GND
4  17 GND
5  19 GND
6  20 TRACEDATA[3]
7  18 TRACEDATA[2]
8  16 TRACEDATA[1]
9  14 TRACEDATA[0]


TC2030 pin no.  SWD signal
1  1 VCC
2  2 SWDIO
3  10 nRESET
4  4 SWCLK
5  3,5,9 GND
6  6 SWO

Please Note that the ETM speeds are significantly higher than the SWD / JTAG signals and currently we have not fully tested or received enough feedback about our Plug-of-Nails™  cable performance when using ETM. We would welcome any feedback.


TC2030-FTDI-TTL-232R USB to TC2030 Serial Cable

TC2030-FTDI-TTL-232R USB to TC2030 Serial Cable TC2030-FTDI-TTL-232R USB to TC2030 Serial Cable

This product is FTDI's TTL to USB Serial Converter cable fitted with a TC2030 Tag-Connector.

Possible versions include TC2030 legged or TC2030-NL Tag-Connectors fitted to one of the following FTDI TTL to Serial Converer Cables:

  • TTL-232R-3V3
  • TTL-232R-5V
  • TTL-232RG-VSW3V3
  • TTL-232RG-VSW5V
  • TTL-232RG-VREG1V8
  • TTL-232RG-VREG3V3
  • TTL-232RG-VIP

Please specify the version you need in the order comments section.

It may take upto a week for your order to ship - please contact us for availability and lead time.

TC2030 Connections
TC2030 pin FTDI Signal



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TC2030-CTX-20-NL 6-pin "No Legs" Cable with 20-pin Cortex connector for IAR's I-Jet or Keil's ULINKpro

TC2030-CTX-20-NL Plug-of-Nails(tm) Cable

This cable is the same as the TC2030-CTX-NL cable except it has a 20-pin 0.05" pitch (1.27mm) Cortex connector compatible with IAR's I-Jet and Keil's ULINK pro and similar (it won't fit the traditional 0.1" pitch 20-pin JTAG connectors such as found on the regular J-Link debuggers).

The cable uses a ten pin ribbon cable and 6-pin TC2030 Tag-Connect footprint supporting ARM Cortex MCU's.

Please refer to the TC2030-CTX-NL datasheet.


TC2030-CTX-20 6-pin Cable for ARM Cortex using IAR's I-Jet or Keil's ULINK PRO

IMG_5684 (640x427) (2)

This cable is the same as the TC2030-CTX cable except it has a 0.05" (1.27mm) pitch 20-pin connector compatible with i-Jet and ULINK pro. This won't fit the traditional 20-pin 0.1" connector such as found on the standard J-Link debuggers).

The cable itself has a ten pin ribbon cable and 6-pin TC2030 Tag-Connect footprint supporting ARM Cortex MCU's.

Please refer to the TC2030-CTX datasheet.

IAR's I-JET not included!



TC2070-IDC-NL 14-pin Plug-of-Nails™ Spring-Pin JTAG Cable shown with Demo PCB

14-pin Plug-of-Nails™ Cable - No Legs Version

Fitted with 14-pin (2x7) 0.1" spaced ribbon cable connector.

Approx 8" of ribbon cable between connectors.

For full specifications, please download the TC2070-IDC-NL Datasheet (pdf)

See also TC2070-IDC (legged) version.

Note that for many applications where 14-pin connectors are natively used by a debugger (such as MSP430, TI and ADI DSP's, Renesas MCU's etc) we offer some excellent alternative solutions that in many cases can reduce the footprint size on your PCB to 6 or 10-pins as well as reducing the price per cable.


TC2030-IDC-NL-10 6-Pin Plug-of-Nails(tm) Spring-Pin Cable with 0.1" Ribbon Connector. 10" Version.

Tag-Connect TC2030-IDC-NL Cable

This is the longer 10" version of our TC2030-IDC-NL cable.The product datasheet can be found here.

See also the "Legged" TC2030-IDC-10 version.


TC2050-MINIHDMI-NL "No Legs" Cable for Altium's USB JTAG programmer

TC2050-MiniHDMI-NL Cable for Altium's USB JTAG Programmer Tag-Connect TC2050-MiniHDMI cable with Altium's USB JTAG Programmer

TC2050-MINIHDMIThe TC2050-MINIHDMI and the TC2050-MINIHDMI-NL are 10 pin Plug of Nails Cables for use with Altium's cross platform USB JTag unit which uses a Mini-HDMI connector.  

Refer to the TC2050-IDC and TC2050-IDC-NL Datasheets for TC2050 Footprint Details.  

Product information can be read here.

Alitium discontinued their USB JTag programmer several years ago. This is the last batch of these MINIHDMI cables, we do not plan to make more (but can always make a special cable for you). You can always use our standard TC2050-IDC and TC2050-IDC-NL cables with one of Altium's adapters.