What is Tag Connect?

Tag-Connect is a simple and secure way of connecting debuggers, programmers and test equipment to your PCBs.

Tag-Connect uses a specially designed and patented connector for making the connection to your PCB (Patent Pending for the -NL versions).

Tag-Connect eliminates the need for a programming or JTAG connector on your PCB.

You save the cost of an RJ12 or other connector, AND the physical space the connector would occupy.

Tag-Connect uses tried and tested pogo-pins (spring-pins) to make a reliable electrical connection - a connection you can trust - for as long as is required.

When you're done, Tag-Connect can be disconnected and is suitable for repeated use just like a conventional connector.

Tag-Connect cables are currently available in two versions: 'Legged' (TC2030-MCP) and 'No Legs' (TC2030-MCP-NL). Both have a Tag-Connect connector on one end, and an RJ12 (6-pin modular plug) on the other directly compatible with Microchip In-Circuit Debuggers and Programmers. To decide which one you need see Which Tag-Connect?

Tag-Connect Legged (TC2030-MCP) looks like this:

Tag-Connect With Legs

Tag-Connect Footprint With Legs

Tag-Connect No Legs held in position

The newly designed Tag-Connect...

'Snaps' into this custom designed footprint

Like this...

Tag-Connect No Legs (TC2030-MCP-NL) looks like this:

Tag-Connect Footprint With No Legs

Tag-Connect Footprint With No Legs

Tag-Connect With No Legs

The Tag-Connect without legs is even more compact than the 'Legged' version...

It connects into a tiny footprint - hardly bigger than a surface mounted resistor...

Note that it can also be used with the Legged footprint.

It is hand-held in position - ideal for production programming. Or you can use the new Retaining Boards to maintain a hands free connection whilst retaining the advantage of the tiny footprint.