ee-1205 Precision Current Source


Self-powered Precision Current Source attaches easily to the EE203 Real-Time Current Monitor

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The ee-1205 self-powered Precision Current Source attaches easily to the ee-203 Real-Time Current Monitor to verify measurements or can be used as a sanity check when you are not seeing the results you expect. It provides currents of 100 mA, 10 mA, 1 mA, 100 uA, 10 uA, and 3.16 uA. It is powered from the source voltage of between 3.5V and 6.5V volts and does not require a separate power supply. Currents are accurate to within +/- 2%. The current source will run at voltages below 3.0V if it is first started at a higher voltage.

When measured on the RTCM the logarithmic current values are 1.00V, 2.00V, 3.00V, 4.00V, 5.00V, and 5.50V.

Although it is designed to attach to the RTCM terminals, there are also holes which are large enough to accept a grabber clip so it can be hooked up for other uses. For example you can use it to test an LED without having to worry about the correct voltage and resistor values.