ee-203 Real-Time Current Monitor with USB


View current consumption graphically in real-time on any oscilloscope.

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ee-203 Real-Time Current Monitor Product Overview

  • View current consumption graphically in real-time on any oscilloscope
  • 6 decades of current range 1uA – 1A
  • Wide system voltage range 1.5V – 5.5V
  • USB interface for calibration, control, and data logging
  • Affordable for any lab
  • Can be used with EE1202 USB Breakout board to measure current of USB devices

Designed for developers of low-power and embedded systems, the Real-Time Current Monitor provides a graphical display of the current consumption of any system. Observe the behavior of your system as it comes out of a low-power sleep state of a few microamps and transitions through several power modes of various levels before returning to sleep. A single screen capture from the oscilloscope and/or a CSV data log file and you’ve just documented the complete power profile of your system.

A New Window into System Behavior

With hardware and software so intricately intertwined, a small coding error can have disastrous effects on your system power consumption. Delaying an accidental 10 ms instead of the intended 1 ms while your Wi-Fi transmitter powers up can easily transform a year of battery life into only a month.
Every microcontroller manufacturer has a note in their data sheets that inputs should not be
allowed to float or they will oscillate and consume power. A simple software bug improperly initializing your I/O ports can make the difference between consuming microamps or milliamps.
Having the ability to observe the real-time power consumption of your system allows these and many other types of bugs to be easily discovered and corrected.
Simple to Use Connect the red terminals in-line with the existing power supply to any system you would like to observe, connect the black terminal to ground, and the yellow terminal to an oscilloscope. Connect the USB port to a computer to power the unit and enable additional functionality You can now view the current flowing to your system as it operates, completely correlated with any other signals of interest that you are monitoring on your oscilloscope.

EE1205 Precision Current Source (Sold Seperately)
The EE1205 Precision Current Source can be used to explore the functionality of your Real-Time Current Monitor, to verify its proper operation, and can be used stand alone e.g. to test LED’s without needing to worry about using a resistor.