TC2030-PKT-SWD 6-Pin Cable with legs for Microchip PICkit 4/SNAP SAM


6 pin “legged” plug-of-nails™  for ICD4/RealICE SAM programming/debugging cable with RJ45.
Note: Not for Microchip PIC MCUs – see below.



Ideal for both debugging and production programming of SAM ARM Cortex MCUs using the Microchip PICkit 4 or SNAP in-circuit debuggers, the 6 pin plug-of-nails™ cable terminates in a 8 pin 0.1″ male SIP strip for connection to the debugger. This is similar to the TC2030-PKT cable but has an 8 pin SIP connector rather than 6 pin, as required when using the PICkit 4 or SNAP debugger for SAM MCU programming and/or debugging. The target board pin connections on the plug-of-nails™ connector are the same as on our TC2030-CTX ARM Cortex cable.

Note: This cable is only for SWD debugging of SAM ARM Cortex MCUs. For suitable Microchip PIC cables see here.

Signal SNAP/PICkit 4 TC2030 CTX 6-pin
TC2030-PKT-SWD Connections
GND 3 5
SWO 4 6

Tag-Connect TC2030-PKT-SWD programming/debugging cable is primarily intended for use in development environments but is also ideal for production programming. The spring-loaded contact pins are held firmly in place by four plastic legs each of which clips securely into its own locating hole.
Tag-Connect TC2030-PKT-SWD is ideal where you need to maintain a connection to the PCB for an extended period such as when performing testing or development work.
See also TC2030-PKT-SWD-NL for applications where an even smaller footprint is required.

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Microchip PICkit 4/SNAP for SAM (ARM Cortex) using SWD