How to use the TC2030-IDC cable with the Atmel AVRISP mkII

Tag-Connect with Atmel's AVRISP mkII

The Atmel AVRISP is used for field upgrades of Atmel 8-bit AVR microcontrollers with ISP or PDI interfaces.

The AVRISP is compatible with our TC2030-IDC or TC2030-IDC-NL cables.

1. Turn device over on its back-side.
2. Unlatch the four locating at the corners.

Use a pen or screwdriver to unlatch them. Then remove the top cover to obtain access to the internal circuit board.

Carefully remove the existing 6-pin ribbon cable, taking note of the pin 1 orientation.

Plug in the TC2030-IDC family Tag-Connect cable. Make sure that pin 1 is aligned.

Replace the top cover and you are ready to go!

Both "legged" and "no-leg" cables come in the standard 6" length or you can use the longer 10" versions TC2030-IDC-10 and TC2030-IDC-NL-10.

The TC2030-IDC-NL can be used with the TC2030-CLIP board to provide a hands-free debugging and programming.

You can find the datasheets for the cables allong with footprint information here:

To avoid heartache, please check your layout against the common mistakes shown on the last page of the relevant datasheet.

Purchase the "LEGGED" Tag-Connect cable solution here:

TC2030-IDC 6-pin "Legged" 6" ribbon cable and Connecter

Purchase the "NO-LEG" cable solution here:

TC2030-IDC-NL 6-pin "No-Leg" 6" ribbon Cable and Connecter
TC2030-CLIP Retaining clip board for use with TC2030-NL family