IAR I-jet

IAR Systems I-jet

I-jet is an in-circuit debugging probe for ARM and integrates seemlessly into IAR Embedded Workbench and is fully plug-and-play compatible. It provides a fast debugging platform and the power to measure target power consumption with a high degree of accuracy.

Our solution is the TC2030-CTX-20, which comes in the standard 6" cable -- both "legged" and "no-leg" versions. For hand-free use, the TC2030-CTX-20-NL (no-leg) cable requires the TC2030-CLIP, which will allow you to debug with ease.

Check out the datasheets:

You can purchase the "LEGGED" solution here:

TC2030-CTX-20 ARM Cortex 6-pin "legged" cable

You can purchase together or separately for the "NO-LEG" solution here:

TC2030-CTX-20-NL ARM Cortex 6-pin "no-leg" cable
TC2030-CLIP Retaining clip board for the TC2030-NL family