TC2030-ALT Legged Cable for use with Altera ByteBlaster

The TC2030-ALT cable is a special cable that has a TC2030 Tag-Connector at one end and a 10-pin 0.1" pitch female IDC connector at the other. The 10-pin IDC can be plugged directly into some Altera USB Blasters and ByteBlasters.

The cable is wired as follows:

TC2030 10-pin 0.1" IDC
TC2030-ALT Connections
1 4     Vref
2 5     TMS
3 9     TDI
4 1     TCLK
5 2,10  GND
6 3     TDO

Please refer to the TC2030-IDC datasheet for details of the TC2030 connector and footprint.

Usually in stock in low quantities, but please contact us to check if your need is urgent.

Price: $59.95