This cable has a USB A connector and USB 2.0 cable wired to a TC2030 6-pin Plug-of-Nails™ connector. It brings the USB signals directy to your PCB.

The TC2030 connector is wired as follows:

  1. VBUS
  2. nc
  3. white / D-
  4. green / D+
  5. GND
  6. nc


Other Tag-Connect cables with USB:

See also TC2050-PGUSB which has a 10-pin TC2050 connector with both a USB 2.0 cable and a 6-pin 0.1" ribbon connector for JTAG.

See also TC2030-FTDI which is a USB to TC2030 cable with inbuild FTDI 232 USB to serial convertor.


Price: $42.95