The TC2050-IDC-050 has a 0.050" pitch ribbon connector suitable for ULINK2 and similar debuggers that use the Samtec FTSH-105-01 style micro-header.

This cable is the equivalent to using our TC2050-ARM2010 adapter with a TC2050-IDC cable connected to the ULINK2's 20-pin 0.1" pitch traditional ARM JTAG header.

The pin connections are 1-1. Pins 5 and 9 of the TC2050 are not connected. If you need pins 5 & 9 connected please order TC2050-IDC-050-ALL

We generally recommend choosing the TC2050-IDC or TC2030-IDC cables over the TC2030-CTX or this TC2050-IDC-050 because cables mating to the Cortex 10-pin 0.050" header use very fine 0.025" pitch ribbon cable with very few strands of tinned copper wire in each wire of the ribbon. These fine strands can break over time through flexing and stressing. The thicker ribbon cables used with our TC2050-IDC or TC2030-IDC cables have many times the cross-sectional area of copper and make for a far more robust solution.

Price: $59.00

(Select the LEMTA option for the backwards pin numbering of Atmel-ICE)