TC2030-CTX-SOFT 6-Pin Cable for ARM Cortex – Soft Squeeze


6-Pin Legged TC2030 Plug-of-Nails™ Cable for use with ARM Cortex processors.

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6-Pin Legged TC2030 Plug-of-Nails™ programming cable for use with ARM Cortex processors.

Soft Squeeze cables are designed for frequent production use to be easy on the fingers of operators. They may also be a good choice in very low humidity or low temperature environments when the side squeeze-tabs may be stiffer. They are not recommended for debugging / development use as an accidental tug may result in them disconnecting from the board.

Soft squeeze cables are not recommended in humid environments.

This special cable has a 6-pin TC2030 Tag-Connector and a 10-pin ribbon and ribbon connector that mates with the FTSH-105 style micro-headers used for Cortex Debug Connector as found in debuggers such as Keil’s ULINK-2.

See also the TC2030-CTX-NL “No Legs” version of the cable with footprint that saves over 66% of the board space needed by typical FTSH-105 micro headers!

For traditional ARM solutions using the 20-pin header as found on Segger’s J-LINK see our TC2050-ARM2010 adapter used with TC2050-IDC (-NL) cables.

WARNING for ATMEL-ICE users: The Atmel-ICE has it’s header pin numbers reversed (standard pin 1 is Atmel ICE’s pin 10). To use our cable with Atmel’s reversed pin-number header you’ll either need to cut off the ribbon connector locating lug and plug it in reversed, or select the LEMTA option with the 10-pin connector fitted backwards. If you plug in a standard (correct) Cortex cable you’re going to short power and stuff out.

Note: Cable only supplied, Keil’s ULINK2 debugger and Tag-Connect Demo PCB shown for illustrative use – not included with the cable!