TC-FRICTION 10-Pack Friction Clip-Board for TC2050 and TC2070

IMG_3718 IMG_3729 IMG_3731


The Friction-CLIP board is a simple small board with friction-fit holes that pushes onto the steel alignment pins on the underside of your PCB to hold the no-legs versions of the TC2050-IDC-NL and TC2070-IDC-NL in place for debugging use.

Compared to the TC2050-CLIP boards these friction clip boards have a stronger grip but may be harder to insert (actually with practice both are easy).

There are two positions that TC2050 or TC2070 No Leg cables can be inserted. Looking at the image top-left, the two rightmost holes should be used for the strongest grip. The other position has less interference. On the current batch of boards only the rightmost position grips well.

TC-FRICTION is being obsoleted. A new replacement product is available called GRIP-10 (for use with TC2050) and GRIP-14 (for use with TC2070). Contact us for details. +1 877 244 4156. The GRIP's hold the cable firmly to the board for debugging. For frequent attachment / removal of TC2050 cables consider TC2050-CLIP instead. There is no TC2070-CLIP board, please use GRIP-14.


Price: $10.00